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Use Emeralds/Blues as bait? Gift Card Drawing Sept 24


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Michigan Fishermen,

The University of Toledo Lake Erie Center is conducting a survey of fisherman to assess the value of bait in relationship to the threat of VHS fish disease.

If you fish in Michigan and use emerald shiners (blues) as bait, please help us out by taking the survey at:


Our first $25 gift card drawing will be this Monday, September 24th. To be considered in the first drawing, please complete the survey by midnight this Sunday, September 23rd.

Thanks for your help!


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A little late, but filled out your survey. One thing that wasn't listed on there was the aquiring of your own minnows. In the fall and spring, many fisherman, atleast in the sag. bay region net or dip their own. Just thought I'd toss that out there.

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