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9.18.12 Fish Hawk Gets Walker's Divers

Dave Mull

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Deeper Divers, TripZ Divers Join Fish Hawk Electronics

The company that made some cool upgrades to the Fish Hawk speed and temp sensor units appears ready to do the same for Deeper Divers and Trip-Z Divers, formerly made and marketed by Walker Downriggers.


Deeper Diver in Blue Dolphin

Grayden Outdoor, LLC, of Brainerd, Minnesota, announced today it has purchased the assets of the patented and trade-marked Deeper Diver and TripZ Diver product lines originally introduced by Walker Downriggers. The Deeper Diver and TripZ Diver will join Fish Hawk Electronics as part of Grayden Outdoor’s growing line of trolling products.

“The addition of the Deeper Divers and TripZ Divers makes sense for us because we share many of the same customers,†said Trevor Sumption, Grayden’s president. “Initially we’re going to focus on getting everything in-stock. From there we believe we can expand the use of divers in several fisheries, and beyond that we’ve got plans to add new technology to divers in the near future.â€

Deeper Divers are directional sinkers available in five sizes that allow trollers to target fish from just below the surface all the way past 120-feet. Deeper Divers get down fast and stay down until tripped. The bottom weight can be adjusted (without a screwdriver) allowing the angler to select how far to the port or starboard side they want the Deeper Diver to run. They are offered both in fish-attracting colors and stealth finishes like clear and black, and are staple a catching Great Lakes salmon, trout, and walleye.


TripZ Diver in Copper

The buoyant TripZ Diver features the same trip-release mechanism found on the Deeper Diver, which allows anglers to fight the fish instead of the diver. It has been a fish-catching hit on Lake Erie when fished under planer boards for walleyes, and today is an under-utilized tool in a variety of other trolling situations. Available in sizes that reach 20, 30, 40, and 50-feet respectively, TripZ Divers will be offered in seven proven- effective color patterns, plus they have an internal rattle that attracts fish and helps them dive more quickly.

Launching later this fall, the new website—trollingdivers.com—will be a resource for anglers looking for more information on fishing with divers, including expanded dive charts, rigging tips, and detailed information from top charter captains and tournament fishermen from around the Great Lakes and other fisheries.

About Grayden Outdoor, LLC. – Founded in 2009 and based in Minnesota’s lake country, Grayden Outdoor’s brands include Fish Hawk Electronics, Original Catch Cover ice fishing products, and now Deeper Divers and TripZ Divers. Because it’s a family owned and operated small business, Trevor’s boat mostly sits on the trailer, but looks really good in the driveway.

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How cool would it be if they could put a tiny receiver in each of them to tell the actual depth/temp/and or speed????? Would need to do it economically too as many of them are lost during a year.

I agree, that would be neat.... Would have to upgrade to 45# wire if that happened.

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Interesting. I use all deeper divers and no Dipsy's. Interested to see what they do with this. Hopefully they bought the product to and not just trying to buy into that segment of the fishing market.

From my experience with dealing with Trevor, the owner, he runs a top-notch company and is really concerned that his products make fishermen happy. Does he care about the end user and customer service? When you call the company, he usually answers the phone!

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