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Another one jumping ship

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Had an account on here a long time ago but honestly I haven't used it in so long I couldn't even remember my account so I created a new one...

I think I'll be looking at this site quite a bit more now that corrupted leadership has taken over the "other site".

Looking forward to some good convo :grin:

One of my favorite days of the season has been the annual Child's Wish outing, here's some video from on board my boat that day:

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Welcome aboard Steve. Thanks for sharing the video :thumb:

We have a modification to the site that allows youtube videos to be imbedded in posts. :thumb:

Just grab the url of your video and click the youtube button when making a post. Paste the information in the pop up window, and click OK. When finished with the post, your video will be imbedded in the post.

Here is the link to the detailed instructions on embedding videos.

If you have any questions about anything else, let out a shout.


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