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Didn't go to Ludington this weekend so I hit the goose blind today.

All I can say is...good shooting! :thumb:

The first 4 came in on a string, wings cupped and only 2 flew out. About an hour later, had a 6 pack working the dekes. I swing around and my gun unloaded 3 shells, 2 more birds splashed down. Got 4 down quick.


About a 1/2 hr later, here come about 8 more, they are a bit high but going to pass straight over head. I pick out one bird, rock him with the first shell and fold him with the 2nd! And I get a happy surprise!


I thought about sleeping in but sure glad I didn't. Got to love the bling. What a great start to the 2012 waterfowl season!


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