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Manistee 09-03 to 09-07

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Buddy Bill and I headed up to Manistee for four days of fishing. First time there and did not know what to expect, so we took his multi species Crestliner so we could fish either the big lake or the river.

Not too many fish in the river, although we did see some fish caught there every day. We decided to head out to the open water.

We fished out and to the south in anything between 100 ft to almost 300 ft of water. Us boys from the south end of the lake were amazed how fast you can get from 100 ft to 300 ft.

Wound up 20 for 24 for something around 14 hours of fishing over five days. Needless so say we did not hit it too hard. Got there after lunch on Monday, had some boat issues mid week, and the weather run us off the lake on Friday. Still had a great time.

Blue Dolphin UV spoon on a SWR on the DR down 75 ft took 2/3 of the fish. Pink Alewife on 200 & 300 ft of copper took the majority of the rest. DD were not doing anything for us so we pulled them. UV Carmel Dolphin on a full core, a white SD/Green Fly and Chrome/Red Head J-Plug took one fish each.

Most fish were kings in the 14-15 lb range, but also picked up a few fat cohos and a steelhead.




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Nice Job Tarrey. The shelf in Manistee is a real neat feature. Once u fish up there u will really come to enjoy not having to run 6 miles offshore to find 100 FOW. We almost went up for a long weekend in August but it didnt work out.

I think we will be going back next year. Not sure why, but pound for pound they fight better up in Manistee than a 15 lb fish down in the southern portion of the lake.

One thing I left out, we wound up with almost 70 lbs of filets for our 20 fish

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Stop into insta launch next year, we do the hot board and gives you insite on where the fish are that we found them

We stayed there on this trip. Nice store. Lots of big lake stuff. We might look for something less rustic next trip. Getting too old or just too lazy for camping.

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