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Question for Dave Mull


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Good Morning Dave,

Really enjoy having you here, (thanks Mike H). I was talking to a friend Friday and he told me about a guy who had a car run into his boat and cause a good bit of damage and the problems he is having with his insurance company.

A few months ago I think you wrote a great article about the Veterinarian from Lawton or somewhere local for us, who was involved in the terrible traffic crash on M-43 while going to South Haven fishing. The description of the whole ordeal was certainly food for thought. At the time, I was thinking I need to contact my insurance company and find out where I'd stand if my boat was totaled. Of course I forgot to do it.

Would it be possible to publish the article on this forum or a summary of it to remind us all to check on our policy? I was thinking I'd like to print a copy for my agent and let her read it and make sure I'm adequately covered.

Oh, I gave the magazine away to one of my fishing friends after reading so no longer have it.

Your thoughts appreciated.

Paul C

Mattawan, MI

PS...Please keep the perch stuff going. Enjoying the info and your giving me some hope yet this year!

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I will say stay away from progressive. I had a 2005 bayliner and the hull split. I had a reputable repair shop and a very schooled marine surveyor write reports stating impact damage due to waves and progressive disregarded the information and refused to cover it calling it stress over time and said they couldn't pin point exactly when it happened.8,000 dollar repair. Progressive buyer beware

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But hey, Flo looks good putting that boat on plane in the no wake zone at the marina in the Progressive commercial..... Not.:D


I was focused on the four-stroke sound from that old Mercury! Didn't even notice the fact that it shouldn't have been up on plane in a marina!

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I don't mean to Hi-jack for Luremaker, I'm his wife and am a Licensed Insurance Agent, for a local company. Having an insurance check up with also the best thing to do, the other thing to do would be to read all the extra paperwork that comes with your policy, if after reading you don't understand (which most people don't) call your agent and have them explain it to you. (They work for YOU). The company I work for, along with every other company provides ACV coverage on most boats, I also believe you could have the option for replacement cost coverage. I understand the frustration most consumers have with insurance companies, as I was once a consumer as well and still am. Adjusters have to make a decision as to what happened after the fact, and sometimes this can prove to be very challenging and difficult. Remember adjusters are just normal people, that put theirs pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. If any of you are looking for a quote on Boat, Auto, Home or life, private message luremaker and he'll forward it on to me. Our office strives to provide the BEST customer service in the area.

Luremakers - Wife.

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