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Frankfort - Season Wrap up

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We finished our last weekend for the year on the salmon hunt before pulling the boat back to NC. Disappointing that we lost a few trips to the wind, but did pick up a couple combat fishing in between the piers on Friday morning.

Friday evening and Saturday morning we were able to get away from the crowd and find fish north of the point in about 200 FOW. Ended up 14-20 with the UV Double Blue Eye Ghost Eye Fly behind an 11†Blue Bubble paddle parked at 140 on the rigger going off like clockwork. Took fish on 300 cooper and 12 color, and free slider on spoons and braid diver with Black Hootchie and Eye Fly at 300 went off a couple of times. J-Plug at 130 was quiet on Friday, but took three on Saturday. It was never fast but steady until the fish shut down on us at 8:30 with the rise of the full moon on Friday and again at 9 am on Saturday leaving us one short of our limit. Trolled for another two hours without a hit before heading in.

Wind was too much for us on Saturday evening and Sunday morning so we packed it up for the year.

Looking forward to reading your reports throughout the year and can’t wait until Memorial Day 2013 to return.

Tight Lines!

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