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ludington labor day weekend

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weekend started out slow-friday wind was bad-fished pm lake 1-king, 1 northern-both on j-plugs (forgot color now).

friday evening pounded shoreline all the way to the stick and trolled south and picked up 4 right before dark. moonglo sarge and blue splatterback plug on copper out in 120 fow.

Slow again saturday straight out to bouy then turned north-heavy thermo down 45ft-no fish!! Got a call from a friend late morning and said we were too far south! Ended morning with 4. Two on spoons two on blue splatterback plug. Went way north for Sat. evening. Set up in the 03's trolled to 05.5's. marked a ton of fish picked off 4 all on plugs.

Sunday got up early and were setting lines back in the 03's by 4:45. Early bite paid off for us. went 12-16 all in the skinny water (thanks again for the call Ed!) hot lure was lemon ice glo plug on rigger 50 back and 50 down-took 7 fish. So hot dont think it was down more than 5 minutes at a time before it hit! Razor burn spoon continued to be hot as well.

Sunday night stunk-first trip all year without a fish. Boo:confused:! same water as the morning, marked tons of fish but they all had lock Jaw.

Monday morning we had to leave town early for my sons football practice that evening. This being our last trip of the year and needing only 4 fish to reach 100 for the year, i felt the pressure as i am the driver and knew if i didnt put us over fish i would never hear the end of it! It was looking bad early!! got way out of line when the pack came roaring past and never had a shot to get to the "fishy" water so i turned back south and headed for the old water-120 fow off the bath house-my security blanket! Whew got number 4 in the boat at 8 and ran for the dock with two happy fisherman and two really happy co-captains!! BEST YEAR EVER ON THE MONARK!!

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Great post bro man. What a season we had. The bite was on all season and all of our freezers reflect it. Let me recap some highlights this year.

Kids tournament was slow for us. Boated a few nice fish that weekend, the day after the tournament. Lol, kids had fun. 10 year old grandson caught his first 2 fish that weekend told his cousin "I got this" when he was asked if he needed help.

Family trip in Pentwater was a blast. Bro's daughters both caught fish. That was a first for them. Nice job Kele and Beka. The second day of trip it rained like crazy. My wife who is awesome in the boat, told me fishing is good in rain and we went out anyways. Boated 11 fish that morning. New record on the Mon-ark.

Took out a friend and his girlfriend in Ludington the next weekend. Both Landed there first kings. (Tracy and Mike) she was so excited instantly said " I got to call mom" and

did so. Big smiles for me and bro.

Spent the entire next week fighting waves with my bro (monarkbro). good thing we took a freezer that week. Took 40 fish that week. Both of us so sore the next week we couldn't walk strait. Bro is I might add the best boat driver I ever seen. We landed 5 of 6 fish in 4 foot sea's on an open bow 18' Bayliner at the same Time never had a 6 pack hit all at once before. Won't forget that one ever! Oh, we lost the last one at back of boat.

Big fish that trip was bro mans 21 lb king!

Labor day weekend as you read above was a great week. Bro in law Bill and nephew Tim boated all the fish. We let them have at and it was a blast to watch. I guess netting was the treat, they got better after the first few. Tim is 17 and has been learning the ropes for a few years now really did a great job working the lines. He still don't like that 10 color core!

Looking foreword to next year already. Time to turn in the poles for the bow and gun.

Good fishing everyone

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