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Lowrance LCX28cHD Problems

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My Lowrance LCX 17 did the same thing this year, it was out of warranty and I just went and got a new graph. If your unit is less than a year old it should be under warranty, call Lowrance electronics for information on service. But my guess is that the LCD screen went bad.

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Hey, I had similar problmes with my lc28xhd. Was talking to lowrance here in canada, and I took couple of pictures of the screens and sent them to them. My screen would go black and scroll though and then I would have a black and white screen, and eventually would go back to the colour. They told me it was a combination of old software and poor transducer. I updated the software, but no change, in the spring I will change out the transducer. if that doesn't work, looks like I will be getting a new unit. Every thing else works fine on the fishfinder, gps, chartplotter and radar. I hate to change out the unit as the radar will not be compatible with the new HDS7 which I was told by lowrance is the replacement.


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