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Port Sheldon Labor Day AM

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Got out this morning and fished Port Sheldon Southwest of the channel. Didn't hurry figuring the launch would be crowded so started at 7:30am. Set lines trolling SW @ 110 FOW here's what worked for 7 hits, 4 fish:

3 nice Steelies, all came in very lazy like not much fight, surprised me, and a big fat coho. Alot of Coho's hit this morning from other boaters reports.

Started catching fish at 128-158 FOW

riggers down, 50,70,80

Blue Dolphin Glow Back, Blue SD w/ blue fly twice, Large White Paddle Mirage Fly

300 copper

Wonderbread JPlug

Dipsy set on 2 175 back with Blue Dolphin and a vintage large Blue bait from the 70's I have no idea what it's called but I put it out for fun and told my friend we used to catch big ones, and 10 min. later BAMM! nice Steelie

Happy holiday and good fishing. :thumb:


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