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Another newbie question...rod set up

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You guys have been great with advice. I have one final question for the year...hopefully... I have 4 riggers, 2 dipsy rods and 2 lead core rods. I am assuming I should run my dipsy outside the riggers and then the leadcore with planer boards outside the dipsy. Is that correct? I am worried about tangle issues. What should I set my dipsy at...I was thinking 1.5. Also, do you generally go deepest at the back to highest as you work outside? Thanks again for helping us rookies... :D


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Riggers straight out the back. Dipsesy would go outside of the riggers, set them on 3 to get them away from the riggers.

Especially since your running 4 riggers right away.

Planer boards should be way outside of everything.

In general the easiest and tangle free way it run riggers deep, dipseys a little higher and then boards highest.

So in general rigger at 100, dipsey down around 50 - 60 then some kind of leadcore/snapweight/copper/whatever down 30 on the board.

As you you get the feel for stuff you will realized this is not at all a concrete rule, but its a good starting place.

I have run gear that will go down 100 feet on boards, just gotta know where everything is running around it to do so.

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