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Muskegon - 8/20 - 8/21

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Got out for the 2nd time this year - fished straight out of Musk. Monday got a late start, set up in 120 FOW at about 8 AM - trolled out to about 150, picked up a double - 2 small kings, 95 and 110 down on the riggers. Then had 2-3 big rips over the next SLOW 3 hours, nothing on, broke off one of the riggers.

Fished early Tuesday AM - on the water by 5:45 - stopped in 70 FOW, and marked some fish, so we started there early - marked a lot of bait, some hooks, but nothing. Heard 'Half Nuts' was doing quite well in about 130-160 FOW or so, trolled out there, nothing, hit 275 FOW, turned back east, ready to wrap it up, and hooked a big laker - about 19# - biggest LM laker I've ever caught.

That was it - could not get the program going...

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dont feel bad we fished sunday and monday picked up one each day sunday was out 220 monday was 135 both on the same setup which was a white paddle with a moonshine bloodynose fly down 100 on a rigger... fishing has slowed way down for us right now!!

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