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kings are back!! port sheldon today 8-21

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Because i finally landed my 20lb king at 2pm today i will share some info. I was hearing that all the kings were deep so i went out at 11am to kill some time and work on my tan. I set-up in 130fow a rigger at 90down and went to set the other rigger and turned back to see the 1st one screaming....I was in shock.lol i landed that one and reset and within 15minutes had 2 more fish. I wouldnt have believed it if i wasnt there 3 kings in the 13-15lb range but somehow ended up in some cohos for the next 2hrs in the 6-8lb class easy to release. couldnt get back in the water i landed the kings(by myself) so i headed to 150fow and didnt get anything to go so i headed east still working on my tan when the rht rigger went screaming! i got to the rod and it was screaming but then just didnt move and i wondered if i had a snag so i just put the motor in neutral and slowly reeled very slow it felt like i was reeling in a log or something but it swam past my boat and i knew it was a hog. (38inches but girth of a real slob). details details all kings and coho caught on a DW 11" white paddle that looks purple and blue when the sun hits with an Arctic blast fly with clear beads with a hint of purple(fish on tackle sold it to me last wk and said it was hot so if thats not the name please tell me) north and nw troll in the 130's fow but east to 109fow marked lots of bait just new those big kings were down ther so i dropped to bottom and landed 3 more pigs all the way to 80fow 2.7 sog i lost my probe 2wks ago when someone called mayday on the radio so i reeled in my dipsey and riggers and took off to save them but left the cannon balls down with the probe.:mad:. The guy wasnt in trouble he just had a dead boat but was drifting to Wiscousin and was panickg i thought he was joking bc there was about 15boats in 80fow and nobody responded bc it was 7ooam primetime but when i heard him again in 120fow (i was in 135fow) i pulled lines to find him....i passed 7 boats fishing to grab him. there were 3 fisherman within 5oyards of him:confused: marks lots of fish in the 130 with 135fow the best all fish were right at the thermocline at 90down nothing on 10color or dipsey which i kept switching between the two and 2 riggers. All rigger bites set at 85 and 90 down. Another boat at the launch had 5 for 7 130-170fow with a flounder pounder j-plug they couldnt keep in the water all troll directions so at least today the kings have come in closer so im off to the atm and the taxidermist!!!! ended 8for 12ish cohos were realeased with the boat in neutral to fight another day.lol set back for the paddle was only 20ft from the ball(10lb). dont look at water temps if u find bait the big kings are close my buddies are catching salmon at the dam in Gr right now in 74degree water!!!!!!lol surface temp is 71.6 ps 2 of my kings were bronze and their bellies are dark from sitting on the btm in the sand being lazy and following the bait.hehe

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employee called in sick so i have to work tmrw........so if u want the bigger kings and are patient most of the bait was in 77- 80fow between the radio tower and lake michigan water treatment plant w north winds today the biters were south of the bait 50 to 150yards south of it. white paddles with white flys...pickled sunshine didnt work 2.7 to 3.0 speed over ground. i know its out of temp but they were there with no boats anywhere close:D

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