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I had the pleasure of fishing both mornings this weekend (Been busy with work).


Fished with Ben Lubbs... he can type all that fun out:)

Sunday am

It was def. better then a couple days ago when we got skunked!!

ended up 5-10 or so. (I could have swore we had 6 in the cooler, but I think the skunk ate the first one....

What worked...

10" Blue/Chrome SD with a BLL Blue Dolphin Teaser rig down 100

8" UV clear SD with a BLL Red Devil Teaser rig down 120

8" UV clear SD with a BLL Patirot teser rig 190 back on the rigger

8" Chrome SD with a Purple Mirage fly with Purple beads back 250 on diver.

Moonshine Blue flounder on the 270 45 copper.

Worked mostly into the current at 1.7 to 1.9 SOG while going SW

Going North 3.1-3.3 SOG

All other copper dead :(

All fish had bait in them of differnt sizes. and we did mark alot of bait...


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8 for 12

160 to 180 FOW It Was slow but we stayed till 2:00pm The hot lure that caught most of the fish was a white E chip with a green and blue and red fly 130 down on a rigger 20 ft back from the ball. WE had a spot on the graph that every time we went through it we would hit a fish .THE speed was not right it was slow like 2.0 to 1.5 to 3.0 nothing to go buy but it was working and i could troll any why thru it and it didn't matter It was just North of P.S. we marked a bunch of bait fish that is why we keep going back. And the key is heavy balls our angle of ball was like a 30 deg angle and we were using 8lbs balls

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