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Went 13 for 18 today. Sat down in 140 fow. Just at break of dawn wire this a mag set on 2 out 250 went off. Nice king. Got some information from chater captain and put my riggers down to 120 and 140 down working 180 to 220 fow with a north troll. I can't remember all the hits but Big Weenie products kick but. Poofster fly with a big white paddle four or five fish. No fish nick meat took a fish or two. White death took fish. Both riggers took hits both wire dipsey took fish. 450.300 copper took fish. 13 color took two fish. Two fish came on j plugs. Wonderbread and a new one white glow with black dots. We took second in a little fishing tournament. 120 better then nothing!!! Fish were down .

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