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spicy, sweet,salty, citrus salmon


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not really picky about quantities, so do this to your taste

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce....couple good dashes, you like it hot, add more

orange marmalade......1/4 cup or so (3 TBLS = 1/4 cup)

soy sauce....couple more good dashes, if you like it salty add more (actually more umami than salt)

1-2 cloves garlic (shallots?) choped, smashed, minced, however you like it

hold the onion?? naaah!! 2TBLS minced

zest and juice of one lime

taste, add more of something if it isn't the way you like it (hot enough?!)

mix and pour over skinless salmon fillets, marinade for as long as you like, grilled skin side up with a few chunks of apple wood added to the fire, gently basted with remaining marinade, turn, brush with more marinade, then kissed with a brush of butter just before removing from fire, plate and add a squeeze of lime...... off the hook!!

the marmalade could be substituted w/ brown sugar , but it really isn't as good

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