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Had a great time fishing with Bob from Coralee this morning and an even better time catching fish.

Not a bad day on the lake today. 9 for 11 with 2 coho's and all others were kings from 6-12 lbs. Ran out to 120 fow and began setting lines with good marks but couldn't get anything to go. Temp was still 62* 100 feet down in 120 fow and marks were hugging the bottom. Began trolling west and marks disappeared until we began seeing good suspended fish from 50' down to bottom in 170 fow when we took our first hit on a small king. Deep probe was reading about 52*F. Began a NNW troll and began taking fish from 180 fow to 220 fow with 180 - 200 being best. Down temp slowly dropped to 43*F. Pretty much only trolled N today with speeds 2.1 - 2.7 at the ball taking fish.

4 hits on 300' copper with blue spatterback Dreamweaver plug

4 hits on the UV spindoctor Big Weenie Last Brunch combo on dipsey set at 3 150' back

1 hit on rigger 100 feet down with white/glow spindoctor with Lemon-Lime glow KRW fly

1 hit on rigger 110 feet down with blue/chrome spindoctor with blue bubble fly

1 hit on dipsey set to 3 180 feet back with green/glow spindoctor and Big Weenie Frosted Luke

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