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Worked hard to fill a 3-man limit in Whitehall today, fished 6A- 2P. 4 fish in the first 1/2 hour inside 50 fow had our hopes high...but it wouldn't last! Fish were scattered throughout the water column and across the area! FOG made it challenging too!

Ended 16/18, released a shaker king. 1 steel, 3 coho and 11 kings from a 4# dragger to a 17 lber. Fish were hitting everything from plugs and spoons on 3, 5, 6 color, 150 and 200 ft Cu, to 50 down on the rigger, fc/flies on dipsies 95-180 back on 3.5.

Awesome scum line set up in over 100 fow and pushed toward shore. 60 degrees outside without fog, 47 inside in a fog bank. Hadn't experienced that before!

Thanks to everybody out there on the radar, radios and horns keeping each other safe! Only a handful of those dreaded "OMG! A BOAT! TURN NOW!"

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Thanks for the info. Which side of the scum line took more fish?


That line ran for miles! Thought at first it was a bubble trail of a boat that had gone in. Just as we hit the foam we got a 12# king as we went through it from cold to warm the first time in about 95 fow, then the dink king in the warm side, lost the next one on the warm side, and caught the last two on the cold side. Warm and cold were relative to the surface, everything underneath (40 down) was 45 degrees. That scum line ended up in about 45 fow by the time we headed in around 230P. Fog was still thick, allowing us to only see the dune tops above it. Water in the channel was 58 degrees!

What was most interesting was the wisps of fog coming off the colder water that gave it an almost brown appearance because of the way the sunlight was hitting it. Awesome memories!

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