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Started in tight for first hour - tons of bait and Kings, no takers.

Headed out to 120 fow setup and trolled to 200+, ended up 3 for 5.

First trip in 3 weeks was having withdrawals I think.

Took the 3 fish in 165 fow had hits in 180 and 200.

2 Kings on 450 cooper - Moonshine Bloody Nose spoon

1 Laker on rigger down 100 - 11" white paddle w/mirage fly.

West and NE troll 2.5 to 3 mph.

Slow day but still beats working !!

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I have fished there a few tines with the "Wildabeast" and had full coolers. I would love to get back there but $200 gas $200 motel and $100 beer and food makes it a bit expensive. Nice to hear that the fishing is still good there.

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