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musk 8-12 big weenie event

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didnt really light em up as far as numbers but got a few decent fish..started right out of the channel then did circles from 50-80 til 9 then put it on a straight west til we had to pull lines ending in 250 fow..best water was 60 before 9 and 170 after11..ended 11-14..1 coho,9 kings and 1 steel..thanks to everyone who came on the blowout date..

what worked

high diver 60 back with ghost ace hi

low diver 100 back with mtn dew meat rig

200 copper with blue glow meat rig

rigger45 dn with grn mylar ace hi

150 copper with black mylar ace hi

rigger 55 dn with grn glow ace hi

hi diver 90 back with pearl dot ace hi

250 copper with blue mylar ace hi

200 copper with grsy weiner paddle and fly..

looking forward to the next event ..points are close and anything can happen.

looking forward to seeing everyone there

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