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Well the lake finally calmed down enough and EVERYONE and their brother were out fishing on Sunday. As you all know the lake flipped over Friday so it was not like we've seen lately where you are in shorts, tee shirts and no shoes by 7 am. It was sweatshirt weather for quite some time. Left the dock at about 5:15/5:30. Took a look in front, but didn't want to play bumper boats. Went out to 60ish and started setting northwest. NW to about 120, SE to 65, NW to 85 and SE back in to 50 before we pulled lines.

Mostly ran downriggers down 49-70 (depending on depth of water), dipseys out 85 on 1.5 with standards, 5 color, full core, 100, 200 and did manager to drag the 300 copper for a short time.

Riggers were dead. Tried spoons, plugs, large paddles, small paddles, spinnies, meat, long leads, short leads, nothing. Don't think we even had a release all day.

Dipsey went early with our biggest fish on mixed veggie spin doctor with green fly back 85.

Full core went twice with blue/green half moon flounder pounder.

100 went with double glow ace high.

200 went with green ladder back ace high.

5 color went with ???? - darn I can't for the life of me remember.

300 took a laker with a fat nancy.

7 for 7. Biggest 13lbs.

DNR was at the Holland cleaning station taking sames of fish. Great work guys - thanks for all you do to try to help keep the fishery thriving.

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Nice job mark! We fished Sunday PM we started 150 on Nw troll and landed our first fish in 176 FOW. We mark alot of fish between 160-180, we only managed to pull 1 fish outta all that we marked! Ohh well I guess it happens , his fast do you troll with the spin doctors on? Same as spoons? And how long is your fly away from the paddle? I cannot seems to get any fish to even take a look at my paddle/flys!! Thanks and nice catch!!

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When we fish, we are pretty consistent on speed no matter what we run.

Our dipseys were puling right at about 2.7sog going north and 2.3 going south on Sunday. It changes day to day, but you'll know when it'd dialed in. That being said, if the fish are not buying what you are selling, speed is the easiest thing to change and probably the most important. Slow down, speed up, or just do some turns and if the fish bite on the inside of the turn, slow down, if they bite on your outside gear speed up.

We run standard (package) length behind 8" protrolls and 8" spind doctors.

We lengthen our flies (change out the line that comes in the package and redo them) for the 11" boards. I don't run any 10" spinnies yet, but I would do the same for those as well. Good rule of thumb is 4x the length of the attractor/board/paddle/etc.

I really wish that someone (please big weenie) would sell an off the shelf fly package that has 48-54" line in it. I only buy BW flies because I like their hooks and quality, but I am getting really good at breaking their stuff apart and redoing them longer.

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Thanks for the tips: But I don't understand the length on the fly u run Ur fly's that far from the paddles?

Sunday my Wife and I went out an we started in 130 Fow and got two lines in and uv mixed veggies hit on a rigger 60 down then one rip on a dipsey 150 back and monkeypuke spoon My son wanted to run it. Then the crew got cold and i had to call it at One in the box a night at 8:00 early night

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I run my meat program 48 to 60 behind the flasher

Please explain, do you mean that your meat rig is 48-60" which would put the meat head 48-60" behind whatever flasher you're running?

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Yes the meat head is 48-60" behind the flasher. Sorry about the confusion. Can't say I have ever ran a meat head closer than that, but I have had pretty good luck with it. The meat head rotates on it's own so the flasher just adds a attractent.

Don't get me wrong sometime we do run our flys a bit shorter depending on what the fish want.

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