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fish north of the mudline

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Went out of sebewaing this morning at 9 and got back to shore at 530 this evening then headed to cheeseburger in caseville. Well the bay is extremly muddy to the south and as far north as 3 miles past buoys 1 and 2. We found clear water about 11 this morning about 3 to 4 miles north of buoys 1 and 2 in 28 to 32 fow. Once we started fishing the clearer water we started catching nice eyes, speed and colors were a must. We put 25 fish in the box but it was not that easy, ran 3 boards off both sides and 2 lines off each downrigger, plus 2 long lines, the fish wanted 1.1 to 1.5 dragging the bottom to 10 foot off the bottom. Good colors were blueberry muffin, pinks with white, siberian tiger, pink panties and firetiger, ran 1.5 oz bouncers 70 to 100 off the boards. Theres still alot of fish out there just gotta find em and stay out of the muddy water, the water temp was 69.

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