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Fished whitehall this morning went 10 for 14. Started in 35 fow marked alot of bait and fish in close but no takers. Trolled out to 70 fow and slowly started to peck away at fish.

What worked:

1/2 core with moonshine flounder pounder took 4 fish biggest being 21#er.

1/2 core with moonshine double trouble took 1 fish.

Wire dipsey 3 setting with 11 inch white F/C and purple taco glow Mirage fly 110 back.

Rigger 45 down j-plug #5 green glow spatter back

Rigger 55 down glow yeck verdict

Rigger 58 down moonshine mongolian beef

Rigger 80 down yeck UV green dolphin. All spoons were magnums.

Slowly pecked away at fish from 70fow to 130fow with 90 being best. Surface temp was 42 degrees and 39 degrees in 90fow 30 feet down.

Most fish were between 6 and 10 lbs. Did catch a 13,15,17 and 21#er though! All kings! Great day on the water! Good luck and tight lines to all!

Lee "runaway"

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