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Deep water wally search

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There are as many ways to run deep as there are shoe sizes.

But if you were to K.I.S.S. a program set for just wally what best ideas would you apply?

Let’s say six rod set -up .best ideas? Just food for though.

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I'm just getting started in this aspect of walleye fishing....so in my mind’s eye…

Outside boards, mag deep diver husky jerk 150-200 feet back

Inside boards – deep reef runners/thunder sticks 75-125 feet back

Dipsy Divers /mini disk 0.0 -0.5 setting with spoon 50-60 feet back

Six board option, ditch the divers and set board outside with flicker shads 120-160 feet back

Key – keep the inside deeper than the outside and preferably shorter lines deeper as you come inward

I suspect there are even simpler ways and I am really looking forward to some better answers incorporating one lure type

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Turbo, I would spread the column and let the fish tell you what to do. Keep changing it up until you see the desired outcome. Adjusting colors, depth, anything and everything....what maybe today, may not be the same tomorrow....

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I use th e mini disc (lg size) on walleye boards.

2 with spoons

2 with deep jr thunder sticks

2 with spoon harnesses

I spread them thru out the colume till I get an active depth. Then I set them all around there till that depth shuts down.

Mini disc will run 1;2 to about 50' (100' back) I can dig them in the bottom in 50' with 100 back

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same as frank. riggers and lite bite slide divers with tandem worm harnesses. let your depthfinder tell you where to start. you want to fish alittle above where your marking the fish. and like frank said i run my divers solid, i dont use the slide part of the slide diver. but the lite bite arm is fantastic.

i went up to geneva the 2nd week of july, we were marking most of our fish about 45 to 50 ft deep. i run my riggers at 45 ft. using 12 lb balls i wasnt getting much blowback at all. so i figured i was right above them, and my depthfinder confirmed this. then i run my divers about 42 ft down by my count. anyway we must have been close because we did catch a few fish,LOL.


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