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Another day of healthy wind and waves. Didn't seem to slow down the fish bite though. Went 8 for 10 this morning with the bro man, Just couldn't finish out our two man limit. Set up in 100 Fow just north of the weather buoy straight out. Trolling north into the waves we had to kick up the speed a bit due to fast currents. Fished a one mile stretch of water ranging from 100 to 120 Fow picked up most of the fish on the south troll on deep coppers.

Made two loops and finished by 10 am. Just had enough waves by then. Razor burn continues to be hot bait. Other fish also coming on bloody nose, crabface, yek verdic. Diver hit back 150 with the verdic, jumbo king! Good fighter. Someone forgot to tell it that we needed shore lunch. took 3 steelhead in the mix today as well. Looking foreword to calmer sea's.

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