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A new look on salmon fishing

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I haven't been able to post much because we've been so busy lately. Fishing everyday and many days twice a day for the last 2 and a half weeks.

Fishing continues to be fantastic. We were lucky enough to take a 3rd place finish in the Holland Steelheaders, as well as a 5th place finish in the Holland BRC Save the TaTas. A big shout out to Don, the captain of Tangled Mess Charters for helping to raise over $200, then donating the money from our 5th place finish back to the cause. It's a great cause, and i encourage everyone to try and fish the ladies tournament next year.

The real reason for this posting is because of the recent oppurtunity to take a young man fishing with us that has been wheel chair bound his entire life. Unfortunately he has had Spina Bifida since birth.

Aaron From Lakeshore set up the trip. All of us jumped aboard "The Black Pear" Mark Rapson's boat(CasseyII here on GLF). After the trip Aaron did a little write up on facebook, and i personally could not have said it any better.

So here's what he had to say:


"Good Fishing!

I had the opportunity to go fishing with Dan and his friend Shannon from Fulfilling life Ministries last night. Shannon has Spina Bifida which has caused him to be wheelchair bound since birth. This did not stop him from reeling in 6 really nice Salmon. When we were going out we asked him what his biggest fish ever was, her replied “8lb Catfishâ€. It wasn’t more than 15 minutes later he was fighting his first fish of the night, an 18lb king on a downrigger. I have never seen someone so excited about catching a fish, his smile was so big I’m pretty sure other boats around could even see it. We had a total of 20 other hits on various rods, some never hooked up and others were lost on the way to the boat. Never once did Shannon get upset or discouraged, he just smiled and waited for the next rod to go off. He constantly was laughing and joking around with everyone. He said it was one of the best experiences of his life. I watched as he

took pictures of the sunset, fish and the shoreline. He just kept saying how awesome it was and how blessed he felt to be there with us. I think we can learn a lot from someone like Shannon, I know I did.

It seems like every day at the store someone is discussing the latest tournament drama or who they thought cheated and always hoping for one more fish. I know I am guilty of getting discouraged when a fish gets off at the back of the boat or a buddy bumps one with a net. Or when the last fish you needed for your limit slips out of your hands and misses the cooler.. happened twice to me this year.. Things happen and often times in the heat of the moment we lose our cool. I thought about this while I was standing at the back of the boat moving back and forth I watched how my legs compensated for the movement of the boat. I thought of how I am able to run to the other side of the boat to grab a rod with a fish on it. Dan and Shannon shared stories of others with physical disabilities and the healing they have received by hunting and fishing. This made me realize quickly that we are blessed much more than we often realize. I encourage everyone to take someone fishing that normally would never get the opportunity, not only will they truly value the experience but it will change you as well. All this great fishing we have this year made me forget about when a great day of fishing was 6-8 fish in the cooler at the end of the night. Experiences like this help remind me that 6 fish is an awesome night, with the right perspective."

It definitely was a changing experience for me. Salmon fishing is a great privileged that we are all blessed with. Everyday someone is trying to prove they are better than the next guy. Everyday someone is stretching the truth, making fish bigger, adding a couple to the cooler that weren't really there, cutting off some of the time they actually spent on the water, and adding a few bites to their statistics that really weren't there. I fully admit i have at one time or another done each and every one of these things, but after seeing the sheer pleasure in this young man's eyes after catching these fish really made me realize again what is the most important aspect of salmon fishing. Having a good time.

With that all being said, i really really encourage you to take someone on the lake the wouldn't normally get to go. Show them a good time, and don't worry about trying to deck load the fish. A couple of nice kings will make more memories than you can imagine.

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moral of the story...don't take sunrises for granted and never downplay the number/size of fish caught in an outing....there are people who remember one outing for a lifetime and will refer to it ALL their life...Just hope you can be that person lucky enough that makes that memory happen

Great job being one of them people....:thumb:

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