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Ran north towards pt sheldon. Fished a short trip as we had to be in early for a family cookout. did an east west troll from 120 to 200 with 160 -190 being best.Ended with 9, 7 kings 1 coho and 1 steelhead. ran a 7 color a five color 225 coppers 2 wire divers 2 riggers and a 300 copper. Pulled the five color and put down a 150 copper as we had no hits on it. ran big white slick paddle and pickled sunshine fly biggest fish came on that. second largest fish came on a 7 color with a blue flounder pounder. 1 came on a black fin tuna 1on a uv green dolphine 2 on a blue dolpin uv 1 on a shelly snack.I dont remember the other sppins that took fish. at one time we had six fish on in ten minutes landing two and loosing four ending with a slight mess in 190ft.

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Nice catch Aaron, maybe restful is not the right word but you can't beat the adrenilin rush from 6 bites in 10 minutes.

Your not kindding but the tangle at the end was the end of the adrenaline rush

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