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A little bumpy going out before daybreak. Dropped lines straight out from harbor in 100 Fow going north. Boated one nice king on the rigger down 45'. Mag Moonshine Sarge. After watching a triple on the boat passing on our outside we took a jumbo king on a black/green spin doctor with a blue bubble fly. This was on the 250 copper. Tipped scales at 22.5 lbs. Bro had nice fight with this one. It seemed to enjoy running up the side of the boat where our diver normally is. Glad I yanked it out while he was realing it in. Took three more on the coppers 250 and 300. Moonshine crabface, and two on the yek verdict. Only had one get off so we ended up 5 for 6. Stayed in 100 - 110 fow all day. fished until noon so we are still bobbing around a little on land.

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Hey Stacey,

Nice catch! Check out this link and put the number in your phone:


The id for the Ludington buoy is 45024, send that in your text and you'll get a reply quick on the wind and wave height. If it is iffy, you can send that text, get a response and go back to bed if the waves are too much before you get charged with coffee. Might be good while you are up all week.

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