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I had posed a similar question awhile back on GLF, and got no response back.

According to the Fish Dock web site there no listings posted for the year.

It used to be that the nets ran from the 03's to the 12's or so with even a few North of Muskegon.

Seems strange that no out there has put them on the web for all to take note of.

It sure would be a great benefit.

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Fish dock is not fishing this year from what I understand they always put up the net reports and also noted where the other nets were. If I was closer to my boat I would run out and mark them but that costs gas and time. One thing to remember is they are fishing in cold water which is why they are deeper right now. So fishing around them usually brings me a few fish. The only time they bother me is when they sneak up on me and I get closer than I would like.

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