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Friday am had Bob (Cora Lee) and Ryan out

Went 6-6 giving back a little fella for another day.

We fished 7am to 1pm

started 80 fow just north of pier head moving NW.

did a couple loops out to 150 fow

what worked Moonshine Green Jeans was hot. 60 to 80 down on rigger taking 3 fish

the dink came in on the big white paddle

all fish kept were 12-15#'s

PM trip with Ken (Nailer) and his buddy Steve

same program only started a little deeper

slow at first but then 5 fish right during sizzle time. stayed out 1.5 hours past sunset picking up a couple more.

Green Jeans was still hot for this trip.

Sat. am

Had Rob and Alex aboard.

left the dock a little after 6- did clear the pier head before the BRC group. was a blast to be about a 1/2 mile ahead of the group before they started.

ran same program again - Green jeans not working, but 8" SD white with green fly took two fish early on high diver during prime time, then 11" white paddle took two more around 9am.

then it was a boat ride, changed up the riggers put down UV spoons on the bottom, was just ready to pull them when a rigger fired. it was a nice 16# king that went around the divers twice.

great weekend to be out at the marina hangin with friends and getting a few fish.

congrats to Dirty-Fish-Nailer on the 5th place in am BRC.

ran the same program

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