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Big Weenie Contest

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just a reminder..we will be holding this event at grand trunk ...if its cancelled saturday we will try and run it sunday..thank you much to big weenie for being with us again this year it is greatly appreciated..as much as i hate to admit it(becouse of the name:lol:)the maniac glow they donated us has been one of my go to flies

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I sure hope it settles down from the current offshore report for Sat which is 5 to 7ft however Sun is looking very fishable so stay tuned. I will hope to have Doug make a weather call Fri night if it looks like we can fish Sat. But if the wave report is still big for Sat we will cancel and fish Sunday.

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Talked with Don and Doug on the phone today Sat is looking very unlikely with Gale warnings until Sat morn we will not fish in predicted seas beyond 3 to 5ft and only fish 3 to 5ft if it is laying down current off shore forecast is 5 to 8ft for Sat if this holds we will fish Sun which is calling for 1 to 3ft. We got a nice package from Gary and Karen at Big Weenie so remember to thank them for their continued support. We will make the call tommorow night so check back here or on the other pages.

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Just got off the phone with Don winds are building in Muskegon so it looks like the wave report is what it is. Sun is looking very fishable so we are taking a blow day tommorrow and will fish on Sun. Hope to see everyone there. Forecast is for 4 to 6ft which is beyond what we will send guys out in we have too many smaller boats to run a contest in those predicted conditions.

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Very nice day on the water nearly flat and plenty of cold water out front. It was a madhouse out front so we made one pass thru and bailed early. Tried the inside for a hour and nothing so went back where we have caught fish all year and ended up with 4 small fish. Seeing the boxes at weigh in I should have made more than one pass thru the carnage LOL. Here are the results.

Boat Name BIG FISH Salmon Lake Trout Steelhead Brown Trout Total Weight Total Points

Fishsniffer 16.9 50 15 83.1 148.1

Drift 18.1 50 15 74.9 139.9

Hook Em Deep 14.6 50 15 71.35 136.35

NII Deep 16.1 40 30 63 133

King Fish 17.35 50 15 63.5 128.5

Inreeltrouble 11.45 50 15 52.9 117.9

Fish Mael 15.55 40 15 55 110

Double J 16.9 40 39.05 79.05

1 Mainiac 7.5 20 30 19.55 69.55

7Mary3 16.05 40 34.75 69.5

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