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walleye spread


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i'm a little new at great lakes walleye fishing..

ok so i can run lead core, i 'm pretty good at copper, dipsies and riggers,all salmon stuff.... but...

this plug running for walter thing has me all all over table

flash back to friday....

best bite was a deep diver husky jerk 200' back off a board, next best was a mini diver with a spoon, i managed to keep the diver mostly clean, but every fish of the board seemed to like diving into something... at the end of the day, I lost a good 300' mono.

my question, how should i set out my lines, deep diver short lines inside, and long line deep divers outside, or the other way around, it didn;t seem to matter, i was knitting a pair of mono socks.... but i wanted to keep in the 16-19 foot range, that was were the bite was

I'm at loss how to run my lines clean in the zone in "deeper" water with long lines for walleyes

I hope this is a good discussion....

mind you... i like lead core and i'm willing to use it, more so ever i like catching fish without a snarled mess



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I enjoyed your report. I've been there. This year I started fishing for eyes in Augres with limited success. But I've been using either boards or inlines since the late 70's. Learned the hard way (tangles) also. Now I have very little problem bringing my outside (inline board) over the other lines and back to the boat. It is not a problem so much with the amount of line out as it is with the angle of the line as it runs in the water behind the board. If you are running inline boards. (That's all I run). IF your outside bait reaches your target depth with less line out then your inside bait you have a winning chance of bringing in two lines or more. I seldom have a problem passing my outside board within a foot of each other because I make sure the angle of the outside bait is less then the one closer to the boat even when I want both to run at the same depth. When there is a fish on, the line usually raises in the water column clearing other lines as it comes to the boat.

Hope this helps. Good luck and good fishing.

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How many rods are you tring to run?

I run 9 rods max

big jon mini disc, on boards. 3 per side deepest on the inside. If I have all the same depths on a side And I get a fish on the out side board I move that rd to the back of the boat put the tip in the water and reel as fast as they can to bring the fish up in the water. I have my boards set not to release.

Crank baits I run the same way but dont mix cranks and spoons on the same side.

Walker 82mm dipseys off the corners and down riggers with long leads 60+' and spoons.

Dr and the walkers have been working everytime out deep this year. My mini disc and cranks sem to be a little slow this year for me. And you will get tangles with a fish that can stay down that is all there is to it

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If running a board with a crank 200 ft behind- let out 200 behind the boat then attach board. Then drop your board and let out 25 ft more than the board it needs to pass. Engage reel and it will pass the other lines. Run longest outside to short inside. When you set the hook, let the board swing to the back before reeling in. We run 8 to 12 rods and no tangles for eyes.

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I was running 8 lines three boards and two mini disk, the folks i was fishing with thought i was nuts...they were only partially right, we caught fish...boxed out and CRP'd a ton of fish over 22"...great day, but i was frustrated with the tangles, mind you i am the fastest knot tyer this side of the great lakes, but even i cringed at the mono ball i amassed....zoinks!!

i'm starting to acquire my walleye gear in bits and pieces and have yet to assemble a myriad of lures, but it sounds like i need to start getting some plugs that get to depth quicker. i've been picking up flicker shads, now i think i'll reef rippers to the list...lots of purple :)

I sat down last night and went through my troller's bible (exciting Saturday night at Phishy's house...woo-hoo...PARTY!!) and discovered i have a hodge podge of lures that will get to depth faster, so i'll toy around with them some, as i slowly add a few more to my repertoire

I completely understand the V concept, which in simplicity works great with copper and lead core on the vertical plane, but mono/braid with all the lures running at the same depth??! i think i need to visualize the v concept not only on the vertical plane, but the horizontal plane with the shortest lines running at the target depth on the outside and longer leads at the target depth as i come in closer to the chute, but this would only apply for clean plugs, no weights, divers, core, etc. does this sound right??

I may have to play around with some other divers as well, i have a ton of them and should utilize them, i like divers over boards since there is less line out and you don't have to fight that stupid board all the way back to the boat, kinda like reeling in a shoe box

I'm heading out this afternoon after the wind dies and targeting perch with the wife, but i might bring the wally gear with for a short stint.

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I run my thunder sticks 6, behind my mini disc when trying to get over 20'. down.

Just run them with whatever cranks you want to use. I run my mini disc off of my walleye boards. and regular small dipsys off the boat.

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I usually run 8-10 rods on the big boards. 10 colors of core on the outside with a renosky,

then 3-4 rods with power pro with divers out 200' 175' 150' 125' 100'

Then 2 downriggers 1 with a harness and other with a spoon.

Only time there is a tangle is when my son is driving the boat LOL, or we get a steelie on the hook

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