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Fall Salmon run

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It depends on where you will be fishing. The combat fishing near the pierheads brings out many inexperienced drivers and even some disrespectful ones. Lead core can make tight spaces even more difficult to negotiate. Answer is that it all depends on how many more boats are in the same water. If you don't have dipsy rods this would be a good time to add a couple to your spread. For the lure question keep reading the most recent posts on GLF.

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Last year when we were fishing the channel in Holland my normal spread was 2 riggers, 2 divers (regulars on 3), 1 2 color lead, 1 flat line with a body bait. Holland does not get as crowded as some of the other ports so I had some room to run a spread like this. I don't think I would try to run 4 dipsys in the channel. when you are only fishing in 25-15 FOW the different settings aren't doing much to spread the lines out. Honestly, you will probably catch just as many fish and not make to many enemies running a 4 rod spread.

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Depends on the weather and the river flow actually. What I have noticed in fishing them since the late 60's is that every year we get a big storm in late August or early Sept That seems to get the river flow up and cool the water which seems to ring the bell for the fall run. It also means lots of us with boats miss the best part of the run because we don't fish during the storm LOL. So what happens is every year the fish start piling up just off shore out front and we start planning on when they will make the run then the storm hits and blows us off the water for a couple of days and when we get back out the fish are gone.

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