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went for a pretty short trip because we had to pull lines by 9am. started a little south of the bathhouse is 160 fow. we got all the lines set without a hit and then a little south of the point we hit a lot of fish. by the time we turned at the point we were 5-8. then we headed south and didnt hit a fish for probably an hour but once we popped out to 200 fow we hit alot of fish. we caught 7 fish out there and missed another 5. so we ended 12-20 on the day.

what worked:

riggers anywhere from 40-70down. bloody nose uv moonshine spoon, blue jeans moonishine spoon and uv wonderbread moonshine spoon.

dipsey 150-175 back with sd fly or green meat rig.

coppers 150, 200, 200, 250, 300 all did really well. all had moonshine spoons on them and the 300 copper had purple meat rig on it. coppers were hot. they caught over half of the fish

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Going to Ludington in 8 days. 1st time going for salmon since I was a kid in the 80's now I get to take my kids.(my 12 yr old son is geeked). Where is the bathhouse that was mentioned. I am taking our boat from Port Clinton, OH to there. Looking for tips any would be helpful. I got a charter on Tues. the 14th I talked to him Yesterday and he said he was going S to Pentwater. This is my planned set up:

1) 2 - rigger rods 30lb ANDE

2) 4 - diver rods 3 wire 1 braid

3) 2 - Full cores

4) 2 - 300' 42lb coppers (Blood Run)

I still have to make 1 each of the wire, copper, & full core

I still have 2 empty ma 45 okumas to fill. any suggestions?

My charter Captain said to wait on them but I wanna be ready to go when I get there.

Thanks for any replies.

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Me again, quick ? Does anybody use Jet Divers for trolling. Thats mostly what I use off big boards for walleyes on Erie. I was thinking that I could use a Jet 20 or 30 for Steelies or coho on the farthest out. I am planning on using big boards why does it seem that nobody uses the big board? It will pull copper n lead right?????

Thanks Again

P.S. I also have 6 Offshore boards if thats a better idea. I just don't like them because U fight the board also and they pop off with big walleyes. I could only imagine what a big salmon would do.:eek:

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The bath house is north at the state park you cant miss it.

the setups you have should work just fine.

Im sure the jet divers will catch steelhead and coho. I just havent tried them i use short lead cores 1-5 colors.

Very few run the big boards because of the different depths they are trying to cover. If the outside gets a fish with your jet diver you cannot set it on the inside closest to the boat of your 300 copper. What i do when running big boards is bring the planner clip of the 300 copper to the boat put it on the other side of the boat and rest the shallower rod then put the deeper rod back out. It works well running 2 rods per side but is a pita when running 3 so then i use the walleye boards.

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Run your small boards instead of the bigs. When the traffic is heavy it is easier to reel the boards in quicker to avoid other boats. As far as the boards coming off just tighten the tension screw down and bury the line deep in the release. Also when fighting a fish on copper or leadcore with the board attached keep the rod tip low to the water till you can lift the board completely out of the water and keep it out (appox. 10 yards from the boat) then take the board off and keep the rod tip up till you get the fish in the net. Hope that makes sense. I will be up in Ludington from the 4th-11th and will posting quite a few reports on a daily basis. Also watch the fishing report on Capt. Chuck's Web page.

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sorry for the late reply but i've been busy. eyes N leapers all that stuff should work well. my two best pieces of advice for you are try to get as much copper out as possible because has been hott for us lately. one day like a week ago we had 5 coppers go at the same time. and the 6th one went about 5 minutes later. also but a fixed slider on those riggers. with all the steelhead and coho on the bank the slider catches alot of fish. it catches alot of nice kings also. the moonshine uv glow as a slider has been hott all year! o and the bathouse is about 6 ish miles north of the pier heads and the point is 8 miles north of the pier heads. if you fish between those two spots and get your lures in water with good tempature then you should get some fish! Also i perfer the 6 walley boards bc you can hit alot of depths. i like the 150 copper or even the 100 copper for steelhead as the outside board and the 200, 250, and 300 copper are great for the kings.

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Just got home from Erie Put the last couple poles together. Final Tally on rods:

1 - 10 core

1 - 12 core

1 - 330 copper 42lb

1 - 300 copper 42lb

3 - wires

2 - mono

1 - swr with 50 ft of leadcore

3 - 30lb braides

1 - empty rod n reel 45 series

1 - empty 35 series reel

Boat on trailer n ready to go on Sat. morn. Slight problem though father n law forgot to take off the emergency brake wire on trailer, pulled truck away from boat snapped the lever off the trailer. Got brakes freed up but took the tongue apart couldn't fix,:smileeek: hopefully the boat repair guy gets i done by Fri.

Thanks for everybodys help. I figure that shoot I can catch a ton of walleyes how hard can a few salmon be???:banana:

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I am arriving Sat. Aug. 11th in the afternoon. staying all week leaving Sat. Aug. 18th. Got a slip a the Municipal Marina for the week. We have 25ft Hardtop Sportcraft Green Trim with a 9.9 Merc Kicker on back. Boat is Eyes N Leapers hard to read though the kicker is in the way. Well I still have a few more ???. Do U guys use Magnum Dipsy's or Deeper Divers 124mm. & does color make a difference. For walleyes we like green, black, & clear. I picked up some stuff on Ebay I got about a dozen 8" spindoctors in greens, glows, black, & chrome. Got some flies also and 7 moonshine spoons and some NK and MI Stinger spoons. I figure that I gotta hit Captain Chucks and drop a couple hundred$$ on stuff. I am supposed to meet Captain Keith from Lie Alot charters on Sat. afternoon to get a list of hot stuff. We are going out with him on Tuesday on a learning charter to shorten the learning curve. U guy have any hot stuff that I shouldn't leave shore without.

Thanks again,


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yeah we use the magnum dipseys and idk if the color makes a difference. we use clear ones though. and moonshine spoons witha uv finish has been HOTT. wonder bread, blue and green jeans, flounder pounder all have been good. all moonshine spoons. o and green meat rig has been good.

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