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was trying to set up for a north troll but the waves werent allowing it..after wrapping up two wire divers..(did i mention i hate setting up in the dark) we turned and did a south troll..to those who dont know we could only run what was given to us in the tourney package..i was not liking the selection but they sure caught fish..blue bubble spinnie with blue bubble fly was extremely good early 150 back on wire..it was a great event as usual and am looking forward to next year.we mainly fished south to the 9s and worked 90-130 fow

best setups for us

blue bubble combo 150 back on wire(6 fish)

rigger 50 and 80 down with the glow spoon combo

250 32#brt copper with monkeyshine

wire 180 back with green crush spinnie

300 32#brt copper with sportsman? spoon

300 45#brt copper with lemon ice mod spoon

250 copper with what looked to be a grn dolphin without glow tape

we weighed our 5 best for 68.6 and ended up 6th..lots of great boxes from up and down the coast..thanks to the folks who put this on:thumb:

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:thumb:Sounds like a fun time Don. I did a similar venue on the bay a few years back, and it was a fun time to. And, we got some new tackle out of the deal.

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Good work on the fish, it seems like your program was well thought out with the dreamweaver package. It was a great event this year again. What color was the sportsman spoon?

it had two shades of green like a jalepeno grn with a bright orange back

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Nice box Don maybe next year I will weigh a box kinda wish I had weighed mine and then Dq'd myself LOL. There were a lot of nice boxes and we would not have won even if we weighed. Our big fish was 17.6 but we fished our program so had no legal fish to weigh. Still had a great time and will be back again next year it is all for the kids in that event so I don't mind not winning but it has been 3 years since I even weighed a fish so maybe next year we play by the rules and see what happens LOL.

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