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Port Sheldon 7-29 a.m....

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The lake slowed her dance for a fantastic day. Finished the day 4-10. After a slow start things picked up for us around 9:30ish. First fish came at 105 fow, 70' down on a rigger with a pickled sunshine fly and mt dew spin doctor, that was at about 6:30ish. Marked a ton of fish but that was the only taker. Moved out the 160'-165' range around 9:30 and the fun began. For an hour or so it was tough to keep lines in the water. 2 riggers parked at the 70' range and 2 in the upper water column. No hits in the upper on the riggers. Ran 2 divers on a 2 at 125' back, one of the two took the hits. Riggers that worked were tipped with the above mentioned and the other was a blue dolphin glow back along with a pro-troll paddle. The diver that worked was geared with a blue bubble fly and a white/uv spin doctor. That set up was hot. Seemed like I couldn't keep it in the water. Since my hook-to-catch ratio was a little off you can probably tell which one lost the majority of the fish. Best troll was a North to Northwest. Speed was 2.7-2.9 sog. 3 of the 4 landed were mature kings. All in all I would have to say that whatever I had down with some sort of attractor worked the rods that didn't.......well they needed a good cleaning:lol: Stay safe and have fun on the pond.:thumb:

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Good job Bob :thumb: Haven't been out for a couple weeks, reading this tells me it's time to get to it. I was in Memphis at my daughter's wedding. That makes two daughter's getting married in a period of 8 weeks. Guess that means new lure and or equipment purchases is set off for a bit :mad: Great job Bob and that new boat has set you in a different class captain!


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