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We made if out again this morning. Noaa's 1' was alittle off. We headed out into 1-3'. Made it straight out to 70' and started setting lines on a NW troll into the waves

we ended up 7-8. With 6 kings and a steelie. 1 king is over 20lbs on an old scale.

Blue crush SD and poffster BW fly took 4. On a wire diver set on 3 back 100-150

11' white paddle and proctoligist BW fly took 2 off the rigger 50 down

Mag orange clown took 1 stacked on a rigger 40 down

mag monkey puke took 1 125 back on a wire diver. Also lost a fish.

We set lines at 6 and had to pull at 8 cause of building waves

all kings came in 80-100'. Steelie was ovwhat er 120'.

What icon do i use to post a pic??

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Steve, I will be fishing out of White Hall Soon, trolling valves are being installed this week, so Can you please save me some feesh in them ther Waters....You seem to be catching them all.....So save me a king and a couple of steelies..

Nice Job on the crushing of the Kings..

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