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Went fishing with Sea Hawk (Denny) and the brothers Onderlinde (Chris & Matt) out of South Haven Saturday morning. Went 7 for 9. 2 Kings, 3 Steelhead and a real nice Coho.

Set lines between 6:30 - 7:00 in 60 ft of water straight out from the pier head. Trolled in and out slightly north & slightly south out to 125 ft and back in to 90 ft with 90 to 114 the best.

200 ft of copper with my unknown spoon (more on that later) took 3, full core with a UV caramel dolphin spoon took 1, 1/2 core with a tangerine killer spoon took 1, SWR down 85 ft with a UV blue dolphin spoon took 1 and a free slider with a UV mixed veggies took 1.

The unknown spoon - I purchased this spoon (yes only one) somewhere two years ago – most likely out of a cutout bin at one of the spring fishing shows. Last year it was the hottest thing in the water for us, and then kind of died off late in the season. I had not run it again until yesterday and it took 3 out of our 7 fish. I posted the photo on all of the usual Web pages last year and received a lot of replies, but no one could ever identify the spoon manufacturer correctly. I have attempted to make a few myself, but they do not catch any fish. Here is another photo.


What's going on with my dispeys? - Had another missed fish on my Mag Dipsey Diver this week. We lost two or three on the same set up last week. It does not matter whether it is a spoon, SD & fly or the J-Plug I was running yesterday. We see the fish hit it and loose it almost as soon as we pick the rod up. Any suggestions?

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Nice job guys. I don't think the dipsey thing is unique to your boat. In the last few years we have done very well on our dipsey ratio. This month - crap. Like you said - hammering in the rod holder, pick it up and gone. I know it's not my hooks. I think they are just short striking or maybe grabbing the paddles.

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