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fished strait out 90 to 120 fow it was ruff 2 ta 3 foot chop the best troll was into them north east, went 11 for 17 in 3 hrs 4 steelies 7 kings .

what worked :

wire dipsey back 120 with green and white proto type jp slammer dodger with pickle sunshine flie

250 copper with mt.dew 8 inch paddle green mirage flie

rigger down 50 with glow fire dog jp slammer and the free slider with orange fuzzy glow frog jp slammer

300 copper with halo dolphin jp slammer

7 colors of lead with green black ladder back jp plug.

rigger down 55 with a moonshine spoon

now off from fishing til next week gona go away with the wife for our 19th wedding anniversary then get back and do a couple back to back tourneys.:thumb:

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