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Official Signup SHFL Event # 4 Aug 4th Big Weenie

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2012 Rules South Haven Fishing League

1. These are amateur tournaments that are open to anyone who wishes to join and fish within the rules and spirit of the event. You do not have to fish all events to participate

2. The captain of the boat must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

3. Each tournament will have a $25 +$5 entry fee. $5 will be for the big fish. Entry fees will be collected ...at weigh in.

4. Roll call is at 9 am or check in before leaving radio contact. Have your Radio on channel 72 Communications encouraged. Keep it clean for this is a family oriented event.

5. Check in will be at 01:00 with weigh in at 01:30 there will be a 2 point per min deduction for being late up to 15 min or 30 points. You must have a team member and your cooler at the weigh in location to be checked in. If you use a slip you will need to make arrangements to be on time or drop off a crew member with your tournament cooler. Please keep in mind this is a fun event. I would like to encourage reports posted from teams after the events

6. You are allowed to weigh in 5 legal fish (salmon and trout in any combination). You may not have more than 15 fish in your possession. This is a 3-person DNR limit. .

7. There will be no culling or releasing of fish at the side of the boat.

8. There is a 9-rod limit.

9. You must start out of the same port as weigh in.

10. Scoring will be the weight of your fish plus 5 points for Lake Trout, 10 points for Salmon, 15 points for Steelhead and 20 points for Brown Trout

11. Each event is a separate event with points accumulating for the point’s championship. If two members are fishing together than the boat they are fishing out of gets the points.

12. In the event of a tie for total weight, big fish weighed will break the tie. In the event of a tie for big fish, total fish weighed will break the tie

13. We will fish predicted seas of 1-3' or less. Blow dates will be the following day weather permitting. In the event of the cancellation of a tournament due to weather, all entry fees will be refunded. A 3-hour fishing period will be considered a completed event there will be no forced run in due to weather cancellation. If the event is canceled and a complete fishing period has been reached weigh in will begin within 1 hour and 30 min of cancellation. We will make every effort to inform all involved of any intention to cancel if possible, each captain is responsible for the safety of his or her crew and vessel

14. Every reasonable precaution should be takin to protect persons and property during the contest. However, Tournament directors, officers, nor any sponsors are responsible for the safety of the persons or property of the participants as regards accident, theft, and damage by fire, vandalism, or any other cause. All participants further understand and agree to hold harmless the aforementioned groups and individuals from damages incurred as a result of participation in the tournament in whatever form or manner said liabilities or damages might be incurred. Follow all State and Federal Laws



All info for the SHFL can be found in the tourny section under South Haven Fishing League, If you click on South Haven Fishing League below my fish totals it will take you there Thanks

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15. Fishing reports posted to this site after the event would be appreciated.

Dan, if you look under the man forum for "South Haven Fishing League" you will see some past reports done by several of guys who fished the previous events.

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