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whitehall fish cleaning stations


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I am taking the family to whitehall for 9 days next week.

Hopefully i can get a few days of good weather to hit the big lake.

Does whitehall have a fish cleaning station public or pay that we can use?


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There is a cleaning station on the north side, the Montague side of the lake. It is just west of the Weather-Vane Inn, right at the ramp that is right there. I don't know if it is free without using the ramp, and i believe the ramp fee is about $10 a day. It has been a few years since I have been there, hopefully someone else will chime in about a station on the south side of the lake.

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You will need the Ramp permit to use the fish cleaning station. The launch area is regularly patrolled and checked for permits. Annual permits are $50 and can be purchased at Montague City Hall or Johnson's bait shop (it's on the way to the Launch Ramp/ Cleaning Station.

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