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Ludington 7-13 & 14


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Fishing is great in Ludington. My buddy and I got our limit Friday AM, had a 4 man crew Saturday AM and our landing ratio was very bad, only boxed 9 for a lot of hits, well over 20. We did not fish evenings. We fished from 00's to 04's, 100 to 120 ft of water early, out to 280 ft later. 1/2 cores were great early, then full cores and 225 coppers did better later. Riggers from 30 to 60 ft early, hit some fish down 75 ft later. Divers out from 90 to 150 ft. Spoons and spin doctors did the damage, here is a pic of lures from Friday.


Had some issues on Sunday when I found my boat taking on water when we set down after the run out. The bilge kept up and we got back in safe. Broke out the life jackets for the first time ever. We could not find a crack in the hole but think it may be over the trailer bunks. I'm headed back up Wednesday to do a better assessment, going to take my goggles and spash her at the docks and check it out. If you have a good recommendation for someone who does glass work in the Ludington area, let me know? I already got rides lined up with my buddies so I can still keep fishing, thank God for your friends.

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Thanks Aaron, it is at Johnson's. Had 5 nicks/gauges on the bottom side. Not sure if they came from rocks on the highway or hitting something on the lake, maybe a combination of both. None were large but enough to let some water in and the bill won't be to large either.

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