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Canned salmon


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i can tell you how we did it for many many years and never had anyone complane.

the best way to prepair you fish is to fillet the fish with the rib bones still in the meat and the meat still on the skin, now take and cut the meat by making a slices about 1" wide going long ways on the fillet the cut cross ways making about 1" squares, then cut the squares off the skin just like you would normaly cut the skin off a solid fillet.

now just take 1 pint or 1/2 pint jars and start filling the jars with the 1" square pieces. when you get them full take a tea spoon of salt and put on top of the meat and then just put the lids on good and tight, then fill your canner with jars. start cooking bring your canner up to 10 lbs of pressure, cook at 10 lbs for 1 hour, then turn off heat and allow the pressure to drop to 0. then open the canner. we like to spread out a towel and take the jars out of the canner and set the jars a few inches apart on the towel, then just wait for the jars to cool and seal. then you can take the rings off and reuse the rings. the meat will last for years. i dont really know just how long it will last. but i have had it stay sealed and good for up to 3 yrs. good luck and have fun.


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i do can our salmon. and if you dont want plain fish ive added italian salad dressing to it

and some with BBQ sauce

and some with spicy V-8

and some with lemon juice and galic-pepper

these have all been experiments and ended up pretty good but i cant really tell you how much of what i used dont rememmber. i just kind off added it til i thought it was about right put the lid on and cooked it

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The wife cuts hers in 1 inch cubes and "brines" them for about an hour in a pan with some salt water. Sherman's pressure and time sounds about right.

You can also put some ketchup on top to make the meat stay "red".

Use only 1/2 and pint jars. Some protiens do not can well in qts.

You can also can LIGHTLY smoked fish. Maybe 15-30 minutes in the smoker. Pressure canning will intensify the smoke flavor so trend lightly until you get a smoke level you like.

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Whats the shelf life on canned salmon?

im not sure just how long it would be good, but we have ate it after 3 yrs. it was just as good as when we first canned it. but we do use alittle salt as a preservative. we put a slightly rounded tea spoon of salt in the pint jars and half that in the 1/2 pint jars. then when we open it you can add anything you want to spice it up a bit. we usely just put cracker crumbs and onions then make salmon patties. but we have made casseroles and it was real good. my wife had an uncle that just bought the bottles of hot sauce and added it to the jars of fish and ate it right out of the jar with crackers.


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