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picked up a nice laker last week, biggest i got in a few years... certifiable eye and handheld scale put it at 16 ish...

now the fish is great but the story to go with it is even better....

3 color lc fired with a nice bow...hoots and hollers, fish jumping all over, line peeling good fish, took the board under a couple times and bout the time we made head way , "FISH!! FISH!! FISH!! INSIDE BOARD!!

we had ourselves a double,

but wouldn't you know it, this fish also decided it was gonna take down the board, right about the same time both boards were next to each other....

this and that later, it was evident that both lines were crossed, so only one thing to do pull and reel in tandem....i could see the bow spinning behind the inside board, it was obviously gonna be a big mess....

bag in the water,w/ both bow and board ... on the deck, not sure how we did it but fish out of the bag, board off the line , cutting lure from the super braid, untie a knot, untwist, this and that later...freed line and fish still on, more hoots and hollers, this fish just would not come up, digging hard, we had no idea waht it even was and when it finally did.... jumping up and down more hooting!!...in the bag!!!

What a mess and what a great fish!!


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I've gotten a rep for being able to untangle lines and keep fish on...had a big king (25 lb) last year that i managed to untangle from three lines...it buried the board, ripped out 600' of line, crossed a high board, found a dipsy, then lastly found the middle rigger, hooked in a manner (side jaw buried spoon) that it was death rolling...guy reeling in the fish loved every minute of it, hooting and hollering with every run, and every time i managed to untangle the lines, we didn't loose a single bait and was able to uni knot the high board back together, not a line lost....

I love it when chaos ensues and it ends well...just keep talking to the person reeling in the fish in a calm manner and be gentle, 6 inches at a time is a good thing...trust me...

i wicked tuna-ed a fish this year on a five color....bow hooked in the anal fin.... dragged it in backwards on a 45 degree angle...3 inches at a time sat on the stern with e rod in the holder and wrenched it in by grabbing the line and cranking inch by inch....

funny how some of the most remembered fish aren;t necessarily the biggest

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