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Went out to 120 fow at about 3:00 in the after noon. The waves were about 1 to threes. Trolled south and my steering wheels comes loose and falls off again!!! I'm about to Port Sheldon with waves growing to 3 to5 footers . Without a streering wheel used smartpilot to get me to the gh channel. Put the loose( stripped out allen screws) back in .I got it thru the channel to the boat launch. SAFE!!! Ended with 5 for 10. Blue dolphin on either a 10 color and rigger down 50 was hot. Rv moonshine flounder pounder on downrigger 80 was good. Only one hit on the poofster fly. Only ran it for 15 minutes until it was lost with dipsey and 225 copper got together. To the fish gods!!! 120 to 150 fow was good.

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Thanks for the report and the story of your journey. Salmon fishing seems to produce unexpected challenges often. I am glad you were able to cope successfully with yours.

"Reel Therapy"

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