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What a change in water temp! Gotta love the north winds. Fished from 6- 11am. Headed out this morning to 80 fow and the water temp was 43 degrees 55 dn. Headed west, took hit at 111 and turned south. Trolled se and nw the rest of the day. Speed at the ball heading nw was 2.5, se was 2.25-2.75. Best water 100-110 fow. We went 8 for 12 today.

Here's what worked:

BLL Blk glo screwball on 150 copper- 4 hits 3 fish

Sigg's Rigs Brushed stainless fly behind a blue chrome SD, rigger 40 dn- 3 hits 2 fish

Hitman No See Um behind Mt Dew SD, dipsy 1.5 150 bk- 1 hit 1 fish

Green fly(homemade) behind Glow frog racer, dipsy 1.5 165 bk- 3 hits 2 fish

Mongolian beef, rigger 55 dn- 1 hit 1 fish

Here's our catch --- 3 kings 4 coho 1 steelhead


Keep Em' Tight

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Thanks Larry. That black glow screwball of yours is really doing some damage this year. I'm thinking I might need another one with the amount of abuse it's been taken lately. I think it 3 maybe 4 yrs old so thats pretty good.

Thanks for making a great and durable product.

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