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Long time no see everyone. Been really busy for the last several months here. Had a long layoff from my job and ended up leaving them and took another job for a few months. The beginning of May hired in at TRW Automotive in Saginaw. Pretty much been working 6 days a week there at the job before for forever it seems. Had this past week off for the GM shut down so i took full advantage and did some much needed fishing. Have had a handful of walleye trips in this summer on the bay which were all very successful. 5 trips, 5 complete limits, i cant complain.

Anyhow, i fished Ludington Wed night through Fri morning. Took 43 fish in all. Early on 100-130 then 225-280 seemed to be productive. Everything we ran seemed to take fish so we didnt have to change much during our stay.


45,50,63,75,77,90,100 down

Stinger Holo Blue Dolphin

Raspberry Carbon


Real Flasher in XGlow Yellowtail w/matching meat head

Dipseys with 30# Blood Run Wire

LOW-Mag divers w/mag rings @ 1.5-115,130,150,175 back

Blue Dolphin SD with Aqua Fly

Blue Bubble BTI with matching meat rig

HIGHS-#1 w/mag rings @3-130,150,160,170 back

Mnt. Dew Crush Glow SD w/Glow Frog meat Rig

Chrome front Blue Back SD w/Aqua Fly

NBK SD w/Green Fly

Mag Blue Dolphin Spoon

32# Blood Run Copper

200,250,300' segments

Bad Toad

Green Chilly Willy

Holographic Blue Dolphin

Raspberry Carbon

Lead Core

9 Color w/NBK Spoon

3 Color w/Yeck Fireball w/earings










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It was heavy and there was no ice in there either. It wouldnt fit. The young buck and i had to stop three times before we got to the cleaning station.

Been snacking on smoked salmon all week and this morning i made a smoked salmon pate. I absolutely love it. Cant wait to get back to the gold coast.

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I've got several ugly sticks and like them well, don't know the wolverine charter series though. The closest local guy that might have some is Armstrong Tackle in Whitehall, he has hundreds of items that are now discontinued in unorganized fashion, but, if you're lucky and willing to look hard, you could just find some. He isn't overpriced either, but fair.

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