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Finally got the Big Bobber back after having mechanical and body work done, as well as replacing the teak in the back of the boat with Plastic wood and having the aluminum rail refurbished.

Also added a set of Big Jon trees that I purchased from Tony at Lord of the Riggers, very nice by the way.







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I Love the Magma grill right on the boat, Now that's eaten'm fresh..... Catch Clean cook all while never taking them off the Rod.....hahahahah The Big Bobber is Looking awesome...I've seen you in Ludville and you've tried to pass me while I was pulling Ambiance...., it's looking great, But I Love the grill, I'll bet the Kings are scared to death when they see that grill..

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I passed ypou in ludington saturday. I had to take my boat in to Johnsons to have some work done.

Where did you get the plastic anti slip squares from in the boat.

They were in the boat when I bought it, I think I have seen them in West Marine or Overtons. I think it is called DryDeck and they snap together.

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