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Holland Thursday and Friday

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What a differance a couple of days makes.....

The begining of the week, Iwas fishing Blue Dolphin/Green Dolphin on EVERYTHING..... Fast forward to Friday, and I ended up fishing WHITE everything. (Minus 2 spoons for steel) \

I had the please of fishing with a USA Army vet on thursday with a friend of his. I could not ask for better company. Thanks Jesse for serving our country and serving as rod boy on the Scooby Snacks.

Thursday am was the gong show with only fishing 4 rods for 2 plus hours. We would take hits as fast as I could set rods. After a bunch of lost and some good netting blunders.... 15 nice fish made it to the box.

At the end we had 14 fish and I was trying to pull lines and ended up catching 2-3 more

Fished from the sliders to Douglas point and then ran back home.

17-33 or something like that total.

Saturday AM I had the pleasure of fishing with Stuffit57 and his sone from Michigan Sportsman. After a slightly later start than normal we made the run out in the chop to 60 foot of water by the time we hit 85 we had almost 10 fish in the boat with a very happy 13 year old. Once again as fast as I could put down the riggers they would fire. One hit inparticular I set the rod cranked it down and never took my hand off the rod and it had a fish on it.

What made today super fun was a quad with no auto pilot and 3 guys. 1 on the wheel, me holding 2 rods. The 13 year old son going to town on a diver fish to have the deep copper JUST SCREAM!!!. 30 MINUTES later we get to the screaming deep copper and Jake the 13 year old man child. takes over the now 600 copper. No Joke this kid can fish tournies with me any time he wants. He put in WORK on this copper and landed the fish.

Today was full of interesting moments. Another screamer on the deep rod and Jake was fired up and ready to take over rod duty. Drag set right, big fish on I hand off the rod after I get it out of the tree. My fav. 6 am sound just sings from the drag on the reel, all of a sudden slack line......... I bring the line back in to see the 25 pound floro leader SAWED off. The fish must have swallowed the spoon and had line in the corner of its mouth as it swam away...(Not much you can do about that.)

We picked up our last 4 fish and found one swimming along the boat on its side. It must have broke off after a long fight with someone else this morning.

all in all 15 for 23

What worked the past 2 days.

100 copper Did not fish

200 copper Hawg Wild BLL

300 32 pound Mother Of Pearl BLL (HOT)

300 45 pound Mag Blue/Green Frog BLL

250 32 pound Fish On! BLL Prototype

270 45 pound Moonshine Double Trouble (Changed to Bullseye after I broke off the DT and it also caught fish

diver Pink eye BLL Back 150 on 2

diver BLL Hawg Wild 130 on 2

rigger Moonshine Double Trouble down 70 (Hot)

rigger Moonshine Double Trouble down 80 (Hot)

UV Spin doctor with a blue dolphin teaser rig has also been good for fish after the sun is up. Along with brads cut plugs down deep with a Green Gator Pro troll.

What I have noticed this year vs the past two are the fish are just TEARING gear apart. I have broke/bent/ destroyed hooks from every company. Owner 4x hooks are getting malled just the same. I will be the first to admit on my divers I run the drags tight when I run spoons. I want them to buttong themselfs when they hit (I do loose some gear, but 95 percent of the time when they hit, they are there for good.) This does not explain why they are tearing up the copper hooks so bad. Either way I will pay the price for new hooks if the fishing keeps up.

The info:

All week I have fished from 60 (set up) trolled out to 90-95 and caught fish. Always on a SW troll. As the morning moved on I fished 101- 110 on a south troll.

SOG 2.4

North troll has been Jank:(

Holland to Saugy all the way to Douglas point. (More steelhead than kings down by the point)

ended with 12 kings 3 steel.

Pictures ect coming tonight.











See...... Even I reel in fish once and a while:)

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Dave, as always your posts are awesome! Thank you for the info and the great report. And as always, way to go on hammering the fish. I agree on the tackle destruction. I think it's due to the size fish and as you mentioned they are feeding with a attitude of a hungry lion! What til the fall, I bet the tackle shops will have record sales once these fish gain another 5-8 lbs. I don't mind a few bent hooks or an occasional spoon lost, but when they take my $60 plus rig of a 300 copper loaded with a SD and the planner board that hurts. Anyway thanks for your contribution to this forum. Good fishing brother. :thumb:

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Ditto Fish4em! Great report, and thanks for the pictures. I will get a couple double troubles.

On the destruction side I replaced two bent hooks yesterday and have 2 more yet to replace today.

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