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Took my buddies Shawn and Bryan out for a trip from 6-9:30. We went 10 for 16 (all kings) fishing mostly 120 to 130 fow. All of the fish came on a south troll from the sliders down to past the ball in Saugatuck.

Rigger down 85 with a fish scale paddle took 4 fish and 3 were 15lbs or better.

Slider on rigger 62 down with a Dang spoon took 1

300 copper with RV MS flounder pounder took 3

Dipsey set at 3 130 back with a Mtn Dew spin doctor took 1

Dipsey set at 3 120 back with a blue bubble spin doctor took 1

Only rod that didn't take a hit was the 200 copper with a blue killer

It was great to get out again and enjoy this phenomenal fishing, but could someone turn the heat down?


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